State Street book cover

State Street (Bull City Press, 2009)

“A tough marvel, at once a moving document of Katrina and a powerful meditation on … the ambiguities of perception and representation. That Katie Bowler accomplishes this through a slightly eccentric voice that’s willing to make hairpin tonal turns is all the more amazing  … This is a major work.” — Brad Richard, The New Orleans Review

“The tone is jazzy … riffs, fragments and tonalities. The poem makes demands of the reader and depends upon you to make connections. This approach was a risk worth taking, and I think it works.” — Greensboro News & Record

State Street is a remarkable act of salvage. Katie Bowler’s driven, encompassing narrative careens with dark humor, anger, grief, and grit through the surreal Katrina landscape. She’s both in its midst—a human eye of the storm—and at ‘a great distance,’ seeing with compassion and shrewd clarity. The reader senses Bowler’s faith in her course throughout—that out of the chaos and detritus and loss, bolstered by the conjured presences of friends and family, she can make meaning. Art is what’s rescued; art becomes the rescuer. Bowler’s ‘small survival’ is an impressive achievement.” —Debra Allbery

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