Katie Bowler Young reading at Enrique Alférez Studio, New Orleans

Enrique Alférez Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana

My next book is a biography of Mexican sculptor Enrique Alférez, whose artwork shaped the character and identity of New Orleans. (Forthcoming, The Historic New Orleans Collection)

I recently published a column about “Symbols of Communication,” a 14-panel, plaster bas-relief that Alférez created for the former Times-Picayune headquarters, in which he asked us to see how world cultures can comfortably fit together.


My last book was State Street (Bull City Press, 2009). It’s one long poem focusing on a return to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to salvage photographs, art, and pieces of New Orleans’ cultural history. It explores the loss of home and homeland, revealing among the wreckage humanity, humor, and hope.